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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation?

  Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI), or what's known in a broader sense as remote interpreting, is a type of simultaneous interpretation when interpreters work simultaneously in a separate physical location from that of speakers and audiences.

How it Works


Either when attendees are remote, speakers or even interpreters! Meetings nowadays can have anyone either on site or remotely participating, and  interpretation can reach them at any location from any location.


Our team, well trained on facilitating any set-up your event might require, can stream interpretation while having the interpreters working from any place to speakers and attendees sitting either in a meeting room, in their office or at home! And they do not all need to be at the same place!


Where is Remote Interpretation Applicable?


To all kinds of events, from a simple press conference or a board meeting, to large conferences, seminars, product launches or corporate events. Polyglot walking hand-in-hand with the new trends is able to support all versions of events happening:


Onsite Events

Choosing between the traditional technical set up with the Bosch conference devices or listening to the interpretation through your own smartphone, tablet or laptop, we will be there to support your choice of connecting audience and speakers! 


Hybrid Events

A hybrid event that combines onsite or remote interpretation and streaming not only guarantees sufficient engagement with participants but also extends live interpretation to audiences from all corners of the world! You can easily record the interpretation to upload it right after the event, or you can save it for further editing giving additional value to the entire organization! 


Virtual Events

In virtual events, remote interpretation provides the greatest flexibility and conveniences by allowing all speakers, interpreters and participants to attend the meeting from separate locations. So, don’t cancel, just pivot and redesign your event and make it happen!



Polyglot Translations are ready to customise our services and implement them according to your needs. Please don't hesitate to speak with our team to explore how we can help everyone speak your language!


How do we make Remote Simultaneous Interpretation work for you?

  One way is by using our RSI Hubs!

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Hubs


A Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Hub, or RSI Hub for short, is a specially set up space for remote interpreting. This way we ensure that interpreters can provide their services from a safe working environment perfectly equipped, while our team can stream interpretation to anywhere you need it to go.


Polyglot is technically capable of offering 2 RSI Hubs, one in Hong Kong and one in China (in Shenzhen) as well in multiple locations around the world, since being a member of Congress Rental Network gives us this opportunity and capability.


We are now able to provide you with a different and innovative approach to your requirement to manage your event space and hygiene protocols, an imperative requirement nowadays. Check with us to find out how our various Hubs can support you anywhere around the globe.


Polyglot remote simultaneous interpreting hub in Honk Kong


Polyglot Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Hub in Hong Kong


Challenging times often require innovative solutions. The Polyglot team is ready to support the work of interpreters wherever their services are needed.


We offer training to prepare interpreters for working remotely, either in pairs or individually via our RSI platform which is monitored and supported by Polyglot technicians from start to finish.


Contact our sales team for more information.


Benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

  Providing Remote interpretation services can have many benefits for your meetings, conferences and events.

Attendee Friendly 


Providing flexibility for your participants. Those who are not able to attend the live event onsite can connect remotely to the meeting from anywhere by simply using a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop!


Global Exposure 


Get your message across to a broader Reaching audience to any location around the world!


Language Diversity 


Easier access to professional conference interpreters, that could be a challenge to outsource due to geographic or budget constraints!


Space Saving 


Save space where you will hold your meeting as you will not need to set up on site interpretation booths!


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Polyglot Translations


Polyglot Translations

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Tel:  (852) 2851 7232

Fax: (852) 2545 9537

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