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Polyglot Translations are your language interpretation and translation specialists in Hong Kong. We deliver high quality, reliable services worldwide. Our vision is to help you connect with your audience through the power of language, either written or spoken.

Polyglot Translations was founded by Mr. Husein Rofé in 1962. Mr. Rofé, who is a polyglot himself, speaks more than 70 languages with varying degrees of fluency and is able to translate approximately 20 languages. Mr Rofé established Polyglot's highly regarded reputation by providing qualified translation, interpretation, proof-reading and editing services.

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3 locations

3 Locations

275 phone calls a week

275+ Phone Calls Per Week

680+ emails per week

20+ years CRN Membership

20+ Years CRN Membership

Meet Our Team

Richard Wong Polyglot Managing Director

Richard Wong




Richard was born and educated in Hong Kong. During his early teens, he travelled all over the globe for more than two decades, living amongst the people of many different countries and exposing daily to their ways of life, customs and languages.


He has been taking full advantage of his unique worldwide cultural background and used this personal experience to form the basis of all exchanges at international meetings. As a true global citizen processing in-depth cultural insights, he is able to assist effortlessly your specialized needs.

Jason Chan


Jason Chan Polyglot Senior Manager and Director


Senior Manager and Director

Parry Chan


Parry Chan Polyglot Convention Sales manager


Convention Sales Manager

Jo Lam


Jo Lam Polyglot Convention Operations Manager


Convention Operations Manager

Vincent Woo


Vincent Woo Polyglot Greater China Manager


Greater China Manager

Steven Campbell


Steven Campbell Consultant to Polyglot




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We are a proud member of the Congress Rental Network in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Since 1990 CRN has been promoting the highest standard of quality and service in Conferencing and Simultaneous Interpretation, across 5 continents. Our vision is to provide a technical solution for events and assure a global, committed and unified organization of exceptional services through Bosch Congress Equipment.

Polyglot Translations


Polyglot Translations

Unit 1201, The Workst@tion, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Tel:  (852) 2851 7232

Fax: (852) 2545 9537

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