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Polyglot is here to make sure that your meeting and event is supported by the optimum interpretation solution in regard to the technical equipment you need!



BOSCH Simultaneous Interpretation System


simultaneous interpretation systems


Holding in our in-house inventory for simple set-ups to the latest state-of-the art technology as through Congress Rental Network, we are partnered with Bosch Conference Systems, rest assured that we will create a customized proposal. Based on the venue of your choice, lay-out indicated and budget frame you have in hand, our team will suggest the best option that fits all the above!


Having available from tour guide systems for outdoor activities or small groups to the best Bosch Conference and Simultaneous Interpretation device such as the Integrus language distribution equipment to the latest IP technology that our partner developed, the DICENTIS family, Polyglot proves that adjust to your needs and requirements.



Simultaneous Interpretation Booth


simultaneous interpretation booth


Working under the ISO Standards specifications umbrella, our inventory also offers multiple options for interpretation booths being able to meet all challenges depending either on location restrictions or requirements from interpreters.


Polyglot has partnered with the best global manufacturers to make sure we provide you with the quality your meetings and events demand. Get in touch with us to help you get your message across!


Other Equipment Solutions

  Need more than just simultaneous interpretation solutions for your conference? You can rely on Polyglot to supply all your conference and event equipment needs with award winning digital systems from BOSCH.

Leading the conference industry for 6 decades, BOSCH stands for the highest level of conferencing quality and reliability.


For any kind of conference setups, small or large, simple or complex, we have the solution for you! We can help you choose the right conference microphones, be it wired or wireless.



BOSCH DCN Digital Technology Conference System


Bosch DCN digital conference System


  • Proven in-the-field reliability
  • Modular software solutions for complete conferencing management
  • 31 interpretation channels, plus floor
  • Ideal for historical and multi-purpose venues
  • Acoustical excellence
  • Ideal for small to complex multi-lingual meeting set-ups



IF 2013 Award

Reddot design award 2013



BOSCH Certified technicians


We pride ourselves in using the best professionals and talents in the industry to ensure the success of your event. All of our technicians are technical specialist trained and certified by Bosch for operating all Bosch conference equipment.




DICENTIS, a revolutionary IP based Conference System


Dicentis Conference System


DICENTIS Conference System is a revolutionary product family that utilizes IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture. It perfectly combines audio, video, meeting content and touch-screen technology in elegantly designed conference devices.


The high-resolution, capacitive touch-screens provide users with the information they need literally at their fingertips, allowing participants to share documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as access the internet.


Your guests will be impressed by the sophisticated layout and innovative design of the equipment which perfectly fits the d├ęcor of all kinds of conference rooms.









Conference Microphone Integrated with Video Camera


Conference Microphone with Video camera


Our Bosch conference microphone can be integrated with our IP-based cameras and PTZ cameras. When a delegate talks via a microphone, the camera can automatically track and focus on the delegate and provide a video feed output. This is suitable for:


  • Rooms with high level of security
  • Compact rooms and overflow rooms
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation


Should you need full scale audio, video, lighting or backdrops, we can bring in trusted partners with a single point of contact for your convenience.


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Polyglot Translations


Polyglot Translations

Unit 1201, The Workst@tion, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Tel:  (852) 2851 7232

Fax: (852) 2545 9537

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