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Equipment for Simultaneous Interpretation 

Everything you need for Simultaneous Interpretation


We are here to make sure that your meeting and event are supported by the best interpretation technology 



INTEGRUS Language Distribution System from BOSCH


simultaneous interpretation systems


The INTEGRUS is a support system for simultaneous interpretation. Developed for conference and meeting, this system features infrared transmission for a better user experience. Interpretation is sent to receivers as infrared signals. Each user will carry a pocket-size receiver to collect the infrared signals. By connecting a BOSCH headphone (included) to the receiver, users can listen to interpretation while being able to move freely in the conference room.


Based on the number of attendees, room layout and your budget frame, our team will customise a equipment rental plan for your next conference and meeting. 



Simultaneous Interpretation Booth


simultaneous interpretation booth


Our simultaneous interpretation booths are made with soundproofing materials to ensure a quiet environment for interpreters to deliver noiseless interpretation. All of our SI booths meet ISO standards. 


The INTEGRUS system and our SI booths work well in combination, which has been tested in events, conferences and meetings. Get in touch with us and see how we can deliver them to you. 


Other Equipment 

  Need more equipment solutions for your conference? You can rely on Polyglot to support all your equipment needs with award-winning systems from BOSCH.

BOSCH DCN Digital Technology Conference System


Bosch DCN digital conference System


  • Reliability tested in conferences
  • Modular software solutions for complete conferencing management 
  • 31 interpretation channels plus floor
  • Ideal for historical and multi-purpose venues
  • Acoustic excellence
  • Ideal set-ups for simple or complex multilingual meetings



IF 2013 Award

Reddot design award 2013




DICENTIS, a revolutionary IP based Conference System


Dicentis Conference System


DICENTIS Conference System is a product family that utilises IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture. It combines audio, video, meeting info and touch-screen technology into one elegantly designed device.


The high-resolution, capacitive touch-screen provides users with the information they need literally at their fingertips. Participants can share documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as accessing the internet.


Your guests will be impressed by the function and innovative design of the device, which perfectly blends into the d├ęcor of all kinds of conference room!









Video Camera add-on


Conference Microphone with Video camera


Our Bosch conference microphones can be used with our IP-based cameras and PTZ cameras. When a delegate talks via a microphone, the camera will automatically track and focus on the delegate to provide a video output.


This is suitable for:

  • Rooms with high level of security
  • Compact rooms and overflow rooms
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation


Should you require audio visual support, we have trusted partners that are specialised in conference room AV.  



Technical support


We pride ourselves in using the best professionals and talents in the industry to ensure the success of your event. All of our technicians are trained to set up and operate BOSCH equipment.




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Tel:  (852) 2851 7232

Fax: (852) 2545 9537


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