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Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

Simultaneous Interpretation


What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

  Simultaneous Interpretation (SI), sometimes erroneously called simultaneous translation, is a mode of interpreting in which the interpreter verbally translates what is being said into another language in real-time.

Simultaneous Interpretation vs Consecutive Interpretation


Consecutive interpretation (CI) is another mode of interpretation where interpreters await the speaker to deliver a few sentences before they start interpreting.



Speakers Talk



No Pause




Interpreters Translate    




Speakers Talk



Interpreters Translate


















Simultaneous Interpretation is the most efficient interpreting mode. It allows you to communicate with your audience on the fly, instead of having to pause from time to time to wait for interpretation.


SI is applicable in meetings, conferences and events of all sorts and sizes, be it monolingual, multilingual, small, large, virtual, physical, casual or formal.


How does Simultaneous Interpretation work?

  To make Simultaneous Interpretation work, you will need the service of skilled interpreters together with SI technologies and equipment.





Due to the demanding and complex nature of SI, it is essential for interpreters to have the relevant educational background, language proficiency, expertise and extensive experience in SI.   


Work in teams


Depending on the duration, language and topic of the meeting, interpreters normally work in a team of two or three.



Technologies & Equipment


Simultaneous interpretation system


SI system consists of a series of devices that allow you to listen to real-time interpretation via headsets.



Speakers   Audience

Talk via conference microphones



Sends Translated Audio to headsets


SI System

Transmits the Audio Feed



Translated Audio



















Simultaneous interpretation booth

Simultaneous Interpretation Booth


As simultaneous interpretation requires deep concentration, interpreters need to work in sound-proof booths that isolate them from the participants.


Interpreters have a direct view of the conference room. This allows them to focus on both the voice and non-verbal cues of the speaker to deliver the most accurate interpretation.


Technical Support


A conference technician must be present and operate the SI system throughout the conference.


SI Services

  The success of your event depends on how effective your information is conveyed to the audience. While a well-prepared speech is important, a team of qualified interpreters and the right equipment will enhance the experience and perfect the whole event. 

Minimise your Risk - count on Polyglot Translations


  • In the past 50 years we have accumulated a large pool of interpreters.

  • We monitor and track the expertise and performance of our interpreters.

  • We know the most suitable interpreter for your event, and where to find them.

  • The professionals we work with have interpretation experience that has been gained over the course of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of meetings.

  • No matter what the topics of your meeting may be, our interpreters study them in depth beforehand to be fully prepared for the subject matter.


All of the above ensure you receive the highest level of simultaneous interpretation service possible.



Recent Cases


The US President's Inaugural Address Livestream


US President Biden Inaugural address





Mobile World Congress Shanghai


Mobile World Congress Shanghai



Best equipment and technical support


  • We provide all kinds of high quality simultaneous interpretation and conference equipment.

  • From ISO-standard booth, Bosch interpretation equipment, portable Tour Guide system, video cameras to conference microphones.

  • They are suitable for physical event of any size or type OR webinars.

  • We set up and test the equipment before the event and have technicians on-call to sort out any issues.


We are committed to bringing you a perfect meeting. 

Contact us to discuss a customised solution for your event.


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Polyglot Translations Limited

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Address: Unit 1201, The Workst@tion, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Tel:  (852) 2851 7232

Fax: (852) 2545 9537


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